World-Class Finance

With tougher bottomlines, Tenzing works with clients to elevate the role of finance from a scorekeeper to a business partner, significantly contributing value to an organisation.”

As Business Partners, Finance teams are no longer perceived as entities that just undertake tasks that compile data. Rather, Finance is perceived as information enablers and key to decision making.

Applying our World-Class Finance (WCF) solution Tenzing works with clients to help them strategise, build and elevate, optimise and manage their Finance functionto better manage risk, reduce cost, and improve business insight. 

Tenzing's World Class Finance Components

  • Finance Transformation

Seeking to determine the optimal organisation and technology to support their company by addressing People, Process, Organisation and Technology,  Tenzing provides a suite of services that addresses the Finance Function Strategy / Organisation Design, Finance Transformation Planning, Finance Process Redesign, Finance Systems Selection.

  • Budget Formulation, Forecasting and Reporting

Offering insight into the roles of technology and finance organisational design in enabling an integrated planning and budgeting process, Tenzing's solution successfully allocates resources whilst appreciating the constraints amongst numerous business units, creating the right foundation for a solid planning process. 

  • Other World-Class Solutions

Additional WCF solutions include Process Improvement, Finance System Architecture, Finance System Selection, Shared Services & Business Process Outsourcing, Corporate Performance Management / Business Balanced Scorecard.