Management Consulting

The integration of strategy, people and process is essential to any successful organisation. Tenzing's Management Consulting team has a range of services that focus on today's business challenges, delivering on this.”

To boost competitive advantage and market share, organisations typically begin with strategy. We work with clients to review and refine their vision and strategy, and ensure strong alignment between the business environment, organisational values and the way resources are deployed. We then assist in enabling the strategy to be realised. Our consultants collaborate and work with clients to move from strategic intent to operational implementation by managing the required initiatives.

From strategy formulation to implementation, we drive the following outcomes.

  • Redefinition of business models and competitive positioning
  • Efficient and effective operations to unlock competitive advantage
  • Optimal alignment of people, process and technology capability to support strategy


For more information on how Management Consulting services can benefit your business, please contact Adrian Facer.