Our Culture

Both our clients and workmates agree that Tenzing is a special place to work. We have a unique culture at Tenzing that sets us apart.”

Client Focus in Everything We Do
Responsive, great work, and relationship orientated - client satisfaction is our priority.

Attitude is Everything 
We have positive people. Like the sherpa Tenzing - when it gets hard, we push on.

People Count 
We support each other and we back up our colleagues. Teamwork and attitude matter.

Our Alliances Count
They are instrumental in our success. We work collaboratively for the mutual benefit of our clients.

Creativity and Innovation Pervades Our Thinking
We treasure our IP and solutions - we develop them, we re-use them, and we share them.

We are a Professional Services Business
We listen and we ask questions before we go into solution mode. We take pride in every piece of work.

We Make Decisions and Get On With It
We are not part of a global corporate, so we do not have to wait for permission - we just do it! We use our agility in dealing with clients, partners and potential recruits to make things happen.